SEABERRY is an idol from Surabaya, Indonesia was established in 2019. This group started with 4 member and now growth with 15 member in total. ‘Buah Harapan dari Lautan, Kami adalah SEABERRY (fruits of hope from the sea, we are SEABERRY)’ is our introduce sign. Bring all the joy and happiness to the world, we hope that SEABERRY could give you vitamin and boost your day.

At October 1st, SEABERRY finally released pre-release single called “Kisah Tanpa Cerita (The Story Untold) ”. This song is remake song from Local Pop Punk Band called Hello Hey Sunday with same title and they also help to direct, rearranged, and composed the song. Raising doubts through “Kisah Tanpa Cerita (The Story Untold)” hope this song can inspire you without covering up the feelings that should be expressed and take your first footsteps. This song can be listened/streamed on online music platforms (apple music, spotify, youtube and many more)




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